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Why Did My Basement Flood?

4/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Did My Basement Flood? Water will find the least path of resistance and it could be into your basement. Be prepared and know how to prevent a flooded home!

Why Did My Basement Flood?

Flooding of basements is one of the most common issues most homeowners face. Although flooding occurs during heavy rains or rapid snowmelts, it can also occur in dry weather.

There are many reasons for basement flooding including seepage, storm sewer backup, and improper grading among others. As the basement lies in the lowest level of a building, it is prone to flooding.

What causes basement flooding?

These are the most common causes of basement flooding:

Foundation Leaks: Water can seep into the foundation if there are cracks in it. The risk of flood in your foundation is more if your home is near groundwater. Cracks in the foundation can lead to significant water leakage into the basement.

Leaking basement windows: Windows in the basement can leak and let water creep in during rains. Whenever it rains, there could be a significant collection of water on the windowsills. Fixing the windowsill is the only option to prevent basement flooding.

Blocked sewer: If the manifold that connects the public sewer system to your house is blocked it can lead to floods in your basement. It is important to call local authorities immediately to address blocked gutters and SERVPRO of Harford County to mitigate the sewage and water damage.

Debris in gutters: The gutters play a critical role in preventing basement flooding as they carry away rain water from the home.  If they are clogged or damaged, they can overflow during rains and allow water to build up. If the ground near the basement soaks up too much water, it can seep into the basement as well.

Improper grading or sloping: If the yard does not slope away in the right manner, rain water does not drain effectively. If the sloping is towards your home rather than away, excess water can result in basement flooding. 

Improper downspouts: Downspouts channel water away from the foundation and should be at least 5 to 6 feet away from the wall of the basement. If the downspouts are missing or broken, water tends to pool near the house and slowly seeps into the basement.

SERVPRO of Harford County provides professional emergency clean up and restoration services on a 24/7 basis. Should you encounter water or sewage damage call our office directly at 410-679-6260.

4 Tips for Cleaning Furniture After a Flood

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Finding water in your home in Aberdeen,MD, can leave you wondering what to do next. No matter the source of the flooding, you may want to figure out a way to get your house back to normal. Working with a residential water remediation team can help you repair your space. This crew of professionals can even help you clean your waterlogged furniture. Keep these tips in mind as you go through the restoration process.

1. Let it dry out

You're likely eager to get your life back to normal after dealing with flooding in your home. However, you cannot generally speed through the restoration process. Your furniture has to completely dry out before you can start repairing it. If you skip this step, you may encourage the growth of mold. Removing the furniture from your house can facilitate drying. Taking pieces apart can also help speed up the drying time.

2. Try to remove contaminants

If the source of the water in your home came from a broken pipe, you might not have to worry about much bacteria or mold spores in the water. However, if the water source was a sewage backup or river overflow, your furniture may have soaked up a few contaminants. Using a cleaning solvent to disinfect the items may be necessary.

3. Use the best cleaning method

While solvents and other cleaners may work well for some pieces of furniture, others may have to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is often needed for upholstered furniture that has non-colorfast or delicate fabric.

4. Replace broken parts

Some parts of your furnishings may have been soaking in water for an extended period of time. This can wear out parts. Rather than keeping damaged pieces, consider replacing broken or warped items whenever possible.

Not all of your furniture will be able to survive standing water in your home. Knowing how to repair water-damaged furniture can help you feel more confident throughout the remediation process.

What is involved in a water damage inspection?

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What is involved in a water damage inspection? Water damage inspections entail a great deal, and it can really be to your benefit to be knowledgeable about the process.

In the aftermath of a flood or a house fire, it is important to have a Harford County water damage inspection conducted, so that the extent of water damage to the home and your possessions can be determined. You will need to do this, as it will provide you with a good idea of what needs to be replaced in your home, as well as providing your insurance adjuster with what they need in order to adjust your claim for damage with speed and efficiency. You can hire professional water damage inspectors, who frequently tend to by employed by water damage restoration companies. Water damage inspections entail a great deal, and it can really be to your benefit to be knowledgeable about the process.

Inspections for Potential Structural Damage
In the course of a Harford County water damage inspection, the professional who comes to your home will usually begin outside and proceed inside the house. If your water damage is severe, it would be advisable to keep a record (video or photo) of the damage so that you can get the money you need from your insurance company.

Water Damage Inspection on the Outside
If the roof of your home is impacted by the flood or house fire, a professional will be able to check and see if the roof has missing shingles or if it has collapsed to any extent. Additionally, a professional inspector will know how to properly check your chimney, if you have one. He or she will check the chimney for damage, such as cracks, along with making sure that your gutters are not damaged. The inspector can also examine exterior walls for broken windows, collapses, and any indications that there is exterior leaking (examples would be water entering through sealed windows or areas of foundation damage). This professional will also see if there is water damage in your lawn.

Water Damage Inspection on the Inside
When the inspectors get to the interior of your home during a water damage inspection, they will typically begin at the top of the house and work downwards. They will start with the attic, checking for cracked floors and joists, wet ceilings, insulation with excess water, and ductwork that is bent or distorted. When they get to the rooms within the other parts of your home, they will look for damaged ceilings and drywall, wood that is stained or warped, windows that are cracked, and doors that are unable to properly close. Once they are in the kitchen and the bathroom, they will look at the ceramic fixtures, such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and tiles on the floor. In the basement, they will search for issues such as pooling water, stained drywall and carpets, cracked floors and walls. They will also look at personal possessions that may be damaged by water, such as clothes, furniture, appliances, and electronics.

Why It Is Important to Hire a Professional to Perform a Water Damage Inspection
Professional water damage inspectors are qualified to inspect your home, as they have the extensive training, experience, and specialized equipment to make sure that they are able to correctly and effectively find any water damage that is present in your home. They have moisture sensor probes, which can detect the amount of moisture in your carpets and walls. Additionally, they use infrared thermography devices so that they can check the parts of your home that are not visible.

Water damage Harford County inspections are crucial after events that cause water damage. You should hire a water damage inspector to assess damages, so that your insurance adjuster can give you a settlement (if it is allowed by your homeowner's insurance policy). It is important to have a trained professional perform this job, as they will have the resources to detect any water damage that is present and that you may miss. If you would like to know more about the process, ask your insurance provider.

Why Is Your Water Heater Making Noise?

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? Inspect your water heater periodically to avoid your water heater going out and causing water damage in your Harford County home

Hot water is the lifeblood of your morning; it jolts you awake after you begrudgingly drag yourself out of bed. It’s a must have in Harford County, MD, but what if your water heater is making noise? Is there cause for concern? Odds are you just need to do some proper maintenance. Here are some of the more common sounds that you might hear, and how to go about fixing them.


Often a humming noise is caused by the element in your heater loosening over time, a natural occurrence as the water flows around it. Simply tightening things up will solve this problem in a jiff.

Bumping or Knocking

This isn’t actually coming from your unit, but rather the pipes in your walls moving as the heater starts up or turns off. There’s no issue here for your heater, but you should have someone check out your pipes to avoid wall damage in the future.

Rumbling and Popping

If you hear a rumble or pop coming from your water heater, it’s likely that some amount of sediment has cooled and settled toward the bottom of the element. When the hot water is forced through the sediment that’s gathered, it creates that sort of crackling sound. Simple maintenance should solve this problem, which is more common in older units than their more modern counterparts. A simple water heater flush should clear out that sediment, and the sounds should go away as a result.

These are the most common noises you’ll hear from your heating unit, but a number of other things can arise as your appliance progresses through the natural wear and tear of daily use. Sediment is naturally going to gather in your heater, but you can also prevent the accumulation through a number of other ways — like a water softener installed in your water line, for example.

The noises you’ll hear coming from your water heater often aren’t dangerous, but instead are indications that you should give it some proper care. Use the tips above to see what steps you should take, and don’t ever hesitate to reach out to trained professionals for additional help.

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What Do You Do After Sewage Damage?

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Do You Do After Sewage Damage? Professional cleaning and sanitizing after a sewage backup

Damage that results from an overflowing sewer isn’t just annoying; it’s unsanitary, and it can be hazardous. Sewer cleanup is normally better left to the professionals, since there is a possibility of airborne contaminants and other health hazards. You might be able to clean a bathroom floor after a flooded toilet incident, but raw sewage water is a different thing altogether.

How To Tell Which Type of Cleanup You’ll Need

There are different categories of water:

• Category 1 water comes from a sanitary source of clean water. For instance, this water could come from your kitchen faucet.
• Category 2 water is usually contaminated. Water coming from a toilet overflow, your dishwasher, or your washing machine could fit into this category.
• Category 3 water is grossly contaminated. This water could cause illness or even death because the water might carry organic matter, microbes and silt. Water coming from an overflowing toilet with feces in it or from a sewer backup might be considered category 3.

Establishing which type of sewer cleanup you need is important. You might be able to handle category 1 water by yourself, but for a more serious spill in Harford County, MD, you likely need professional help.

How Cleaning Up Works

Once the category has been established, cleanup can begin. The first thing to do is shut off your water, but don’t touch any electric or submerged appliances. You must also make sure that your electric and gas services are shut off.

Wear protective clothing, which can sometimes be required and might even need to include a protective face mask. All the dirt, soil and particles from the water should be removed, and any items that might be saved should be rinsed with hot water and then disinfected.

The areas affected need to be sanitized and aired out. It’s important to not turn on the AC during cleanup, since contaminated water may get into the unit.

Sewer cleanup can be difficult to deal with due to how hazardous it can be. Make sure to reach out for professional help if you think you might need it.

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3 Benefits of Retaining a Water Damage Expert for Your Business

4/21/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Benefits of Retaining a Water Damage Expert for Your Business Water Damage experts are ready to respond to your restoration emergency

An unexpected flood in your Edgewood, MD, commercial building can cause severe damage to its structure, your office equipment and valuable inventory. Even after flood waters recede, you may be facing the issue of how to handle water clean up and the drying and restoration of affected rooms and items. Having a water damage expert on call can help you resolve these problems and give you peace of mind when it comes to recovering from a flood.

1. IICRC Certification

Whether flooding in your building was caused by a broken pipe or as the result of a torrential storm, a water damage expert registered with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has the education to not only properly assess the damage but also form a water clean up plan that conforms to the IICRC’s strict standards. This includes official procedures for mold remediation, upholstery cleaning and other restoration details that you may require for your business.

2. Faster Flood Response

Having a flood cleanup and restoration company on call that is staffed with water damage experts can help prevent the kinds of problems that may arise when water is not removed within 24 hours of flooding. Wood warping, mold growth and the spread of bacteria from contaminated flood water can all be mitigated quickly, and since you can contract the same company to perform restoration as well, you do not have to waste time looking for separate services.

3. Expert Drying Services

Drying rooms and items after a flood can be a challenge, and if it is not done correctly, remaining moisture can cause unpleasant odors and mold growth. A water damage expert who has been certified as an IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist can form a drying plan specific to your building’s needs and overcome the challenges that a commercial space may present after a flood.

Flooding may occur at your Edgewood, MD, business without warning. Having a water damage expert on call can prevent long-term damage to your property, as techs can assist you with water clean up and get your business back on its feet quickly.

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Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their h

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their h Water Splashes are Okay in Your Bathtub

Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO

Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their home is impacted by water damage, the water removal, and the cleanup process is uniquely important and imperative. The fact that mold and mildew can start growing on your property within 48-72 hours of the initial water event has to be considered as potentially additional damage to the water damage. Water damage that is not addressed immediately and effectively can also result in limited or extensive structural damage. Of course, the amount and time of water pooling in your home will dictate if this is a simple mop up for you or if it is appropriate to call in SERVPRO, a premier water damage restoration expert. Learn more about how our water damage specialists expedite and optimize the water extraction and cleanup process by reviewing the following information.

Mold and Mildew Growth Prevention

An important aspect of the water removal service is to hinder mold growth due to excessive moisture and humidity. Every home has mold spores contained in the ambient air. This task is important because ongoing exposure to mold can cause health effects. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can and will complete thorough cleaning and drying processes that reduce mold growth down to zero or safe levels. And decrease the likelihood that it will return to your property. The use of high-velocity fans (air movers) and an array of dehumidifiers remove excessive moisture and heat from the interior of your Fallston home thereby taking away mold's ability to proliferate.

Preventing or Limiting Structural Damage to Your Property

Another important service provided by our water damage clean up experts is the prevention or mitigation of structural damage to your property by rapid water extraction. Unfortunately, water damage can cause structural problems that eventually entail the removal of damaged materials such as drywall, wood furniture and flooring and fabrics. We do a comprehensive assessment of the water damage, inspect your property for the extent of the water damage and then offer you a cost effective plan of action to return your home to its previous condition.

Trust The Smart, Savvy Professionals Of SERVPRO

When it's time for you to hire quick, effective assistance, there's only one team of technicians to call: SERVPRO. With over 57 years of experience in the dynamic water damage restoration sector, we've long since discovered the secret to success: put the customer's needs first. By maintaining this customer-centered attitude, we're effective in attaining high levels of client satisfaction. Our smart, savvy technicians are IICRC-certified in clean up to preserve your belongs and building in Fallston. From cleaning your carpets to restoring a severely water damaged home, we can help you. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in Fallston too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Harford County is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. in Aberdeen or Churchville. We are proud to be an active member of the Bel Air community and await your call for assistance. (410) 679-6260

Contaminated Water Removal Requires Professional Training and Tools

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding poses many problems for Aberdeen, MD homeowners beyond the obvious cleanup requirements. Contaminated water, black water and clean water from an uncontaminated supply line are all part of the puzzle, and each has special requirements in the restoration process. One of the first steps a restoration company takes is determining what type of water is making a mess of your home.

3 Categories of Water

Restoration companies categorize water into three groups:

• Category 1: This is water that is safe to drink. Known as “clean water,” it is provided through a sanitary source, such as drinking fountains and faucets. Water in your toilet tank and water heater is also considered clean.
• Category 2: Water in this category is “gray water.” It contains contaminants that can make you sick if you drink it. Gray water can come from an overflowing clothes washer or dishwasher, or may be water flushed from sink drains. It can even be water from an overflowing toilet that may contain urine, but not feces.
• Category 3: Known as “black water,” this is the worst type of contaminated water. This type of water comes from sewer backup or overflow with feces, along with floodwaters from rivers or streams.

Making Restoration Plans

A sink or tub overflow involves clean water, which has no special handling or disposal requirements. Depending on the severity of the overflow, you may be able to salvage flooring, carpeting, baseboards and furniture, as well as drywall.

Contaminated water, including both gray and black water, should be handled by restoration professionals. It requires special training and tools to assess both the water and water damage and to develop a restoration plan for your Aberdeen, MD home. If you are unsure whether your water supply line has been compromised, be sure to boil your water until supply system operators tell you it’s safe to use. Visit for more information on water damage.

The Aftermath of a Flood

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Aftermath of a Flood

When flood damages a home, an individual need to take a quick step and seek professional Water damage and flood damage Restoration Company. It is because when you delay, the situation can be worse and be more costly. The individual facing the problem is supposed to seek restoration services from a team of experts who will assist in the repair process. They have to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls of the house as well as restoring the damaged parts of the house. A good company sends more than one technicians to reset the water damage. They should also have the proper tools to ensure that the water in home is a no more. The flood and the restoration company must make sure that things are back to normal in your home. Thus, the person affected must ensure that the flood restoration company meets all the requirements before hiring it.

Effects of mildew and mold

Almost every person would desire to have rapid restoration repair when there is water damage. It is because the flood damage is stressing. Moisture brings about mold and mildew in a house. They both bring a lot of damage to the home and treating them is costly. Professional Restoration Company will conduct a proper restoration repair and use appropriately modified cleaners to remove the mold and mildew in the house. It is important to make sure that the drying is done effectively to the flooded home. Apart from that mold and mildew can bring health effects to you. Apparently, the technicians must have adequate skills to remove the mildew and mold from a flooded home.

Role of insurance

When water damages a house, the owner may lack the knowledge on how to get insurance. The company helps people to calm the situation by getting the insurance. They guide the client on the proper method of seeking payment from the insurance company. Apart from the water in home, during floods, there is water in business. Many businesses in the path may are closed for days, weeks or even months. It may have a long time effect, and in many cases, it is almost impossible to recover from the damage. The loss depends on the type of the business that is involved. Therefore the entrepreneur must have a proper way of restoring from the flood damage. Apart from that water in business can destroy the roads used to ferry goods and service making the business operations difficult.

Pipes breakage

Another cause of water in home or the business is a supply line break. The company understands clear what to do with a line break. As soon as they arrive they will evaluate the problem, and in case a supply line break is the cause, they will turn the water off at the street level. If a pipe break is a problem, they will set it off before they do drying and cleanup. Supply line break and pipe break are in most cases the cause of water in business and water at home. The mitigation technicians will also disconnect the electricity during restoration whenever there is a pipe break and supply line break to reduce the risk of electrocution in the flooded home.

The importance of hired firm

The mitigation company hired must also move in with suction pipes and vacuums to do water cleanup when there is water in home and water in business. It is a preferred way to do water cleanup for the flooded home. The suction is done as fast as possible to do the water cleanup. After the water cleanup, drying is done, and moisture remnant does not lead to the growth of mold or father rot of wooden structures or rusting of the metal. Then it clean that water cleanup and drying are vital.

As discussed above, the situation can be stressful when there is water at home and the business. Individuals are advised to select a proper cleanup and mitigation company. The company will swiftly solve the pipe break issue, and the situation will be back to normal. Many things must be known. Therefore, getting a reliable mitigation firm is the way to go.
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Consider Hiring Experts for Professional Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Consider Hiring Experts for Professional Water Damage Restoration

Sometimes, damaged plumbing systems or torrential rains can cause a lot of damages to your home or business. In case you experience this kind of a scenario, you do not need to hesitate. This is because the extension of the magnitude of damage caused by the water in home or water in business building depends on the time it is left to soak through the walls, floor as well as to your belongings. Hiring a qualified water damage restoration company as soon as possible is therefore necessary.

Nevertheless, with multiple of options out in the market to find a better restoration company, a client may not be able to identify the right company to help them in the water restoration process in their property. Hiring the most qualified water cleanup company for that project will require some considerations to ensure that your property is in safe hands. Some of the considerations are discussed below:

1. Look for fully insured and licensed companies

Any individual can purchase some dehumidifiers along with drying wall replacement machines and offer the water damage mitigation services. However, it is crucial to know if water Restoration Company has been licensed for such business. Any qualified firm with quality services must have up-to-date certification documents from the relevant authority authorizing them to perform the water cleanup projects.

Insurance covers are also necessary for any water damage restoration process. Water mitigation projects are considered risky. The risks which may occur in such projects could cause a lot of losses or lead to pipe breakages or the entire supply line breaks. Hence the water cleanup company must have full covers from reputable insurance providers.

2. Experience is a great component

Understanding the years of restoration company has in the water damage restoration industry could be helpful as well in a flooded home. Some water mitigation projects are very complex and require restoration companies that have to deal with the most complicated projects and systems such as pipe breaks as well as supply line breaks or massive water in home or water in business areas in their past few years. If possible seek to know the number of projects a company has during the last one year and gauge their competency based on the complexity of the flood damage they have handled.

3. Responsiveness and proximity

Some flood damages require abrupt water cleanup services in a flooded home. It is very devastating whenever a client is in a flooded home, and the water cleanup company will sometimes take to provide drying services. Fungus, molds could even start developing on the floor or the walls of the flooded home because of the lying waters in home or water in business premises or because of lack of immediate drying procedures. The responsiveness of the company you hire defines the magnitude of flood damage you shall have from the water in business building or water in home.

4. Tools and equipment used in the project

The use of tools in water damage restoration project differs from a project to another. This is determined by the extent of damages experienced by the business or homeowner as well as the amount of water in home or water in a business building. Some damages such as damages caused by supply line break or pipe breaks may need the latest technology. This helps in fixing the systems in the most efficient ways possible, more sore when a pipe break occurs. Drying technology should also be up to standards.

5. Understand the cost of the project

Different water restoration companies have different rates. This mostly depends on the kind of flood damage project they shall be handling and the technology to be used. Getting itemized quotes from the potential service providers available could be a very good idea. This helps very much in understanding the resources required and the entire expenses entailed in such a project. It also makes sure that a client does not have any additional charges in the course of the water mitigation process.

Before you hire any expert for the project, it is significant to get a well-written contract regarding the entire undertaking. The company must also perform a pre-project evaluation of the pipe breaks along with the entire supply line break to know the scope of the projects and requirements in such a flood damage project.
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When and Why You Should Get Professional Water Damage Restoration

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

When and Why You Should Get Professional Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be the ruin of your home or business. If you've dealt with a flooded home recently, you need to seek professional water damage restoration services. This type of mitigation allows your home to go back to its former glory without having to worry about it all yourself. Water cleanup and drying is essential if you've dealt with a pipe break or a supply line break.

Getting Water Damage Restoration Help

The best way for you to handle water in the home or water in the business is for you to get expert water damage mitigation services. Restoration is best left to the experts because it enables them to get the job done without the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own. They will use all of their own tools and supplies to do the mitigation and water cleanup for you. Restoration can be difficult to do on your own, so it is essential that you get the professional's help. Water cleanup can be done shortly after.

Why You Need Expert Mitigation and Remediation

The reason you need to make use of these services is because they do all of the drying for you. Water in the home and water in the business can lead to a variety of issues. You might deal with weakened floor boards or mold growth that is underneath different appliances. It is important to call a restoration company immediately after dealing with a flooded home. This way, they can come to your house or place of business and do the drying that needs to be done. Water in the business and water at home is also problematic when it comes to getting it cleaned up yourself. Drying the wet areas can be a real pain, and you might not have the tools necessary to get the job done.

What to Expect with Water Cleanup

Flood damage will be cleaned up properly by the restoration company. Water in the home and water in the business is hard to get dried on your own, so the restoration company will bring all of their own tools and supplies to handle the pipe break and supply line break so that it is no longer an issue. Water in the home can be cleaned up quickly when hiring a restoration company. If you try to handle the issue on your own, it might take longer than you'd like and you might also deal with severe issues in areas you were not able to clean.

Why You Shouldn't Go At it Alone

Flood damage is problematic for a variety of reasons, so it is essential that you look into different restoration company experts to help out. If you try to do the cleanup on your own, the flood damage and flooded home can get much worse, leading to severe water damage in just about any room that is involved. Whether the flooded home was a result of a supply line break or a pipe break, you need expert mitigation.

Finding a Restoration Company

The best way for you to find a water cleanup company when dealing with flood damage is to look locally so that you're able to find one that can help. They can handle the supply line break or the pipe break that has become such an issue for you. If you have homeowners insurance, the coverage might be good for your restoration services, which means that you either won't pay anything or very little out of pocket. The best way to begin the process is by you contacting a local company and getting set up with a professional to come in and do the cleanup for you. Once finished, you'll find that this helps tremendously and prevents mold from becoming such an issue in your home. Because there are so many people available to he, it's easy to find a company right for you.
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Why You Should Choose An IICRC-Certified Specialist For Water Removal In Havre De Grace

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why You Should Choose An IICRC-Certified Specialist For Water Removal In Havre De Grace Water damage to your home is stressful.

Always Choose An IICRC-Certified Specialist For Water Removal

Water damage to your home is stressful. Once water gets into your home, there are so many ways it can cause harm. Before you know it, you are dealing with water-logged carpets, wet and fragile documents and books, or perhaps wet floorboards, walls, or even ceilings if the water seeps through from one level to the next.

When you require water removal services in your Havre de Grace home, it is natural that you want to call in the very best professionals. You need someone whom you know you can trust to treat your house and possessions with care and do a thorough job of removing the water to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Every SERVPRO technician is a certified member of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC provides training in all the important aspects of inspection, cleaning, and restoration following an incident such as a flood or water damage. They currently have more than 53,000 certified technicians on their books.

What does that mean for you? It means that you can call on SERVPRO with confidence because you know we only work with fully trained and certified professionals. To maintain our IICRC certification, we must:

•Present accurate information to you and act with honesty and integrity
•Send a formally trained technician to all jobs
•Use a continuing education program to keep our technicians up to date
•Have insurance to protect all parties
•Have a written complaint policy and agree to arbitration in the event of a dispute

That means that you can always rely on receiving the help you need from a fully qualified professional team, every time.

SERVPRO teams come equipped with a range of free standing and truck mounted pumps to assist with water removal. We have submersible pumps to clear free standing water and a range of extraction tools including weighted extractors and wands to draw water out of carpets and rugs. We do not stop at water removal. We continue with the drying process using air movers, dehumidifiers, and box fans until your home and possessions are restored to their pre-damage dryness levels.

Because we are IICRC-certified, you can rest assured that we are trained in the best methods and know how to use the range of equipment to the greatest effect. Do not let water damage ruin your home. Call SERVPRO of Harford County at (410) 679-6260 for help.

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Valuable Water Damage Services Available In Joppa

2/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Valuable Water Damage Services Available In Joppa Waterlogged Furniture in Joppa, Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Damage in Joppa from Water Gets Help from SERVPRO

A massive leak develops under your kitchen sink overnight, causing water exposure throughout your kitchen and into the dining area and hallway. You remember a friend talking about services they used and make the call for help.
Never attempt taking water damage in your Joppa home on alone. You never know what to expect and can easily make things worse than they were before you started. Seeking help from a professional service is always a good idea.
SERVPRO restoration crews receive the proper training to assist you with any disaster you may face and follow particular procedures to provide you with the services you deserve. Upon arriving at your home, a technician is assigned to answer your questions, perform an initial inspection and help you understand what happened.
This same technician reports any immediate hazards they find such as the electrical risks, falling ceilings, or warped flooring, offers solutions to these problems and puts together an action plan to address the damages to your property.
Once approved, SERVPRO technicians put their experience and training to work for you by using quality extraction equipment to pump out any standing water that is present. Hand-held extractors have a 5 to 12-gallon storage tank, while truck mounted extractors with 60 to 100-gallon tanks are used for larger jobs.
We check all of your flooring and walls below the damaged area, as well as any crawl spaces for hidden water and remove as much as possible. Moisture meters are used to determine the extent of water penetration into carpeting, floors, walls, and ceilings.
While SERVPRO IICRC Certified Technicians also take the time to move or place blocks under any furniture hit by the moisture intruding on your home. During many situations, removal of your carpet and padding may be necessary. In most cases, the padding gets discarded due to exposure. However, it is possible to dry and re-install your carpeting most of the time.
We examine your carpet fully for damages and apply treatments to the back of your carpet and the floor before reinstalling. Positioning air movers to deliver rapid airflow to wet surfaces and following IICRC recommendations for the proper amount of movers used based on available space.
Dehumidifiers help deliver warm, dry air into the affected area, helping complete the drying process as quickly as possible. Once finished, we perform any necessary repairs to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition and take you on a final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction.
SERVPRO of Harford County has technicians waiting for your call. Contact us anytime for 24-7 emergency service in your home. (410) 679-6260

The Accepted Standard for Water Damage Restoration in Edgewood

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Water Damage The Accepted Standard for Water Damage Restoration in Edgewood SERVPRO sets the standard for water damage restoration. Call today to begin the process!

Licensed Restoration Companies Have the Experience to Deal with Your Water Problems

Currently, there are no government regulations outlining procedures for water damage cleanup. There are two certifying standard bodies that provide the rules of care procedures: Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (“IICRC”) and the Restoration Industry Association (“RIA”). The restoration companies are regulated by Maryland's Department of Consumer Affairs.
If your home experiences water damage in Edgewood, contact a restoration company. The IICRC is a non-profit organization that offers certification programs and standards used by the restoration industry. An IICRC company must demonstrate proof of insurance and provide education and training, leading to a certification for technicians.
The RIA is a trade association for cleaning and restoration professionals. They offer education, training, technical support and certification for technicians. Restoration companies are generally the first responders after significant damage to a home from floods, water, fires, mold, and other major events.
The job of a restoration company is to clean, preserve, and protect the home and its contents so that additional damage will not occur. Not all restoration companies are certified to repair your home unless they are licensed. Our SERVPRO technicians are licensed to do home improvement by the state of Maryland, as well as perform home repairs.
Most Maryland insurance adjusters and claim representatives are familiar with SERVPRO as a quality restoration company in your community that can begin the clean-up, restoration and repair process quickly. When contacted, our restoration technicians will arrive and evaluate the work to be done and the equipment needed to restore you to a pre-damage condition.
SERVPRO of Harford County is nearby because we are locally owned and operated. Our technicians are the best in the industry with IICRC certification and training. If your home or business receives damage from fire, water, mold, or a storm, call us at (410) 679-6260 and let us safely restore you back to normal.

Steps Taken in the Cleanup of Water Damage

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Water Damage Steps Taken in the Cleanup of Water Damage Water Damaged Corridor - Damage from Floor to Ceiling

SERVPRO Handles the Entire Remediation Process

Water damage can come from many different sources, with varying intensities, danger levels, and reach of damage. Ultimately, many different objects, surfaces, and materials in a home can suffer water damage from the same event, and many homeowners question how a company such as SERVPRO handles a comprehensive water damage cleanup job. In this blog post, you'll learn about some of the ways our technicians control and repair water damage in local residences.
Identifying the Source and Water Type
Before all, water damage in Edgewood must be correctly defined by water type and source. Did it come from a storm or flood, or was it a pipe burst? There are also different types of water, typically categorized as either clean, gray, or black, each one with different safety and cleanup protocols. If necessary, our crew will work to stop the water flow as quickly as possible, to avert further damage to your home.
Surveying Damage and Mold
After we understand what type of damage we're dealing with, our technicians search the home visually and with moisture detection equipment to find out what objects have been affected, and what else needs to be done. Additionally, we look for signs of mold growth, which often takes priority in a cleanup operation.
Furniture and Water Removal
The next step is to remove all furniture from affected areas, and then pump out water if necessary. We use industrial-grade machinery to pump water from the interior to the exterior of the home, with either a portable or a truck-mounted pump.
Drying and Odor Treatments
At this point, we bring out more heavy machinery to begin drying and deodorizing the affected area, to make sure no more damage or mold growth occurs and any bad smells are removed.
Carpet Removal and Final Cleaning
In many cases, some or all of the carpeting in a room will need replacing. We make sure to evaluate carpeting carefully for moisture so as not to incur extra expenses. Sometimes, a cleaning may only be necessary, particularly when water damage is contained early on. After that is done, final cleanup and sanitization are done on walls and objects, and furniture is brought back into the home or rooms affected.
SERVPRO of Harford County employs certified and well-trained technicians who are experienced with all kinds of water damage restoration and cleanup jobs. If you need our services for any type or volume of water damage to your home, call us at (410) 679-6260 for 24/7 emergency service.

Harve De Grace Professionals For All Water Damage Events

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Water Damage Harve De Grace Professionals For All Water Damage Events Water damage in Havre De Grace is a problem for any home or business.

Professionals For All Water Damage Events in Harve De Grace

Water damage in Havre De Grace is a problem for any home or business whether caused by severe weather conditions, a broken sump pump to broken pipes. It is just a foregone conclusion that it has an adverse effect on Maryland properties. Guess what, the problem will not get better on its own, it will only get worse. Standing water can damage anything it touches.

If left untreated, it will eat away your drywall, flooring, carpeting, furniture, wood and metal products. The only way to stop the damages that excessive water to your property causes, is to remove it, then dry everything out. Whether water damage in Havre De Grace is a result of a burst pipe, fire, faulty appliance, or a weather-related flood, you need to call in professional water restoration and remediation professionals.

Many families and businesses have experienced Havre De Grace water damage due to the strong storms that hit the Susquehanna River area. Also, under heavy storm rainfall conditions, the open gates of the Conowingo Dam have caused partial evacuations. IICRC certified specialist are trained to remove water thoroughly from your home and office properties. We are a full-service restoration company that is experienced in reconstruction, repair and rebuilding of Maryland residential and commercial sites of any size. After any disaster, either big or small, SERVPRO provides a full range of remediation services from start to finish.

Keep our number on hand and be prepared in the event of any type of water catastrophe. Because when an emergency occurs, you don't have the mindset or the time to search around for a water damage professional. Not acting quickly to start the mitigation of all affected areas can only escalate and cause secondary damage sites. Take a big problem like water inundating your home and make it small by choosing us. Don't even try to tackle a water damage problem by yourself; it will only lead to frustration and cost more money. We will ensure that your property is completely dried, we will take care of repairs, and we will remove all damaged materials.

SERVPRO of Harford County is a locally owned and operated company that is ready to help our neighbors in any emergency situation. We are ready to serve our local communities: Forest Hill, Bell Air, and Aberdeen. Don't wait until an emergency occurs, keep our telephone number handy so that we can respond immediately when you need us (410) 679-6260.

Water Damage in Aberdeen--Dangers of Hidden Water

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Water Damage Water Damage in Aberdeen--Dangers of Hidden Water Don't Let a Water Pipe Break Through Your Wall in Aberdeen.

SERVPRO Can Detect Hidden Moisture and Restore Your Aberdeen Water Damaged Home

Many Aberdeen homes get damaged by water, and homeowners do not even recognize it until it is too late. Dangers lurk behind the walls of your home. Water can sneak into your home slowly through windows, seals, and cracks.

You might touch a wall, and it feels dry. The wall could be saturated with water, and you would not know. Water damage restoration companies in Aberdeen can use thermal imaging to determine if there is water behind your walls. This camera will detect variations in temperature which can indicate a moisture buildup or lots of water. It helps to check if there is a concern that a leak or other water accumulating event may be transpiring.

A surprisingly large number of homes have undetected water damage. This water damage can lead to mold growth and mold spores, leading to more mold growth. Further, hidden water in Aberdeen that is untreated could result in structural damage and degradation of clothing and photographs. Having your home inspected every so often for water intrusions can help prevent large and inconvenient expenses down the line.

You may have a pipe that is running inside a wall that has a small pinhole leak in it. That can cost you money in larger than usual utility bills and repairs to drywall, wood studs, and flooring. No one wants to replace furniture because of a water leak. Meanwhile, there may be no water damage evident to the untrained eye so that the eventual evidence may be very startling.

Spotting Water Damage
Water or moisture that is behind walls, underneath the flooring, or above your ceilings, many times it is not discovered until the damage becomes visible or very pronounced. The source of not yet discovered water damage can be difficult to fix if there is not a hint of a problem.
Be proactive and look for signs of water damage by checking all areas. Water may compromise materials and leave soft spots with discoloration. These are signs that you have hidden water damage lurking nearby. Periodically check your walls and floors to see if something looks or feels out of place or soft and spongy. Look at an angle at your baseboards and walls to see if there are any rippling patterns to the paint or peeling off wallpaper.
Moisture also leaves behind a sense of dampness that evolves into the musty odor given off by mold. It is important to try to smell for water damage. Keep watch over water damage prone areas in your Aberdeen residence by regularly checking pipe connections and inspecting kitchens, bathrooms, or other rooms for water damage.
If you have Aberdeen water damage, call in the IICRC certified experts from SERVPRO of Harford County to remedy the situation.  They have the equipment and devices to check for water or moisture issues. And if hidden water damage is uncovered, they will treat the water damaged areas quickly and efficiently. SERVPRO is available 24/7/365 for any fire, mold, or water damage problem or emergency. Just pick up the phone and call (410) 679-6260.

Reasons You May Experience Water Damage in Bel Air

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Water Damage Reasons You May Experience Water Damage in Bel Air A Small Drip Becomes Water Damage Unless Repaired

Contact SERVPRO of Harford County for Bel Air Water Damage Cleanup Services

Residential water damage in Bel Air can be the result of many factors, but a qualified company can clean and dry your home with ease no matter what caused your situation. It is important to get assistance quickly because water can damage your flooring and personal items rapidly. Contaminated water needs to be removed and cleaned up by a professional who has the protective gear, tools and skills required to remove it safely.

Major water damage can occur in your bathroom with little to no warning. If you have a leaky or overflowing toilet, it is important to get your property cleaned up and sterilized as fast as possible. Allowing water to pool or humidity to build up can lead to a mold infestation.

If your home is flooded due to plumbing or related issues, we can resolve the situation. Additionally, contact us if you face problems with your water heater or broken appliances. As soon as you notice flooding or water damage coming from your roof, basement, bathrooms, kitchen or any other rooms in your home, you'll want to enlist a team of trustworthy professionals. Since water damage effects get worse over time, getting assistance quickly is imperative. Professionals can check out your unique situation, extract water from your property and dry your home efficiently. We'll also sanitize and deodorize your property to make sure that it's safe to enter after a flood or sewage leak.

SERVPRO of Harford is a locally owned business prepared to tackle all types of Bel Air water damage. We respond promptly when your home is experiencing water issues. We are "faster to any size disaster" so contact us today at (410) 679-6260.

Assessment of a Water Damaged Home in Bel Air

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Water Damage Assessment of a Water Damaged Home in Bel Air Large Amounts of Unwanted Water Calls for Professional Assistance

Bel Air Water Damage Assessment 

If your home in Bel Air has been affected by a flood, it will be necessary for an expert to do a water damage assessment to determine the extent of the damage. And what will be needed for restoration. Once you have received the clearance to enter your home, you need to call your homeowner's insurance adjuster.  After the inspector has looked at the home; a recommendation can be made to clean up the damage and get life back to normal.

Assessing the Structure

The structure of your home is the most important aspect when assessing water damage. If the structure is damaged, your home could collapse or shift. By calling a water restoration company such as SERVPRO, an experienced professional can execute a thorough inspection and also determine the correct clean-up protocol.  Professionals will inspect the roof to identify missing shingles, damaged gutters, and cracks in the exterior of the house. The walls and windows will be inspected and covered to prevent additional damage. The attic needs to be addressed as well as all interior rooms, including bathrooms. If the house has a basement, the foundation requires a visual exterior and interior inspection.  The integrity of the HVAC system must be evaluated for water intrusion and damage. The yard will be assessed to identify standing water, sewage leakage and water damage caused soil erosion.

Assessing Personal Possessions

Once the structure of your home has been assessed, the water restoration team will go throughout the home and evaluate your personal belongings. Some will be able to be cleaned and repaired, and others may need to be discarded. A water restoration company can take an inventory of the items that are destroyed and provide the homeowner with information to give to the insurance company. SERVPRO has extensive experience in assessing personal possessions after a water-damage event and will ensure that the items remaining in the home are safe for the family.

Throughout the assessment appliances will be inspected as well as furniture, cabinets, carpet and upholstery, and electronics. Once the assessment is complete, the restoration process will begin and can take from a few days to a few months depending on the damage. Make sure the job is done right by contacting an experienced water restoration company.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Harford County is close by and ready to respond to your water or flood damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Bel Air community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

We have extensive water damage restoration training. Call (410) 679-6260